Window Cleaning How-To Guide | Getting a Professional Finish

Is dirt or grime on your windows making it hard to enjoy beautiful views while also making a poor impression on customers or guests?

If so, it might be time to call in professional window cleaners.  

Our trained professionals can wash any kind of Vancouver window, and are available for both commercial and residential window and gutter cleaning projects.

We work hard while performing our service so it is effortless for you to enjoy clear glass that is flawlessly clean.

Why are Clean Windows Important?

Here are a few reasons to get your windows cleaned:

  • Take in views that are not besmirched by dirt or scuff marks. A great job on a window can remove visual obstructions. When you look through your windows each day, instead of seeing dirt, you will focus on the world beyond the glass. In fact, you might forget you are even looking through glass.
  • Let in more natural light. When windows and skylights are clean, more sunlight can reach the interior of your residential or commercial building. With that natural light flowing freely, you might even be able to save on your electric bills since you will not have to rely as much on artificial light or heating.
  • Give customers, business associates, and guests a favorable impression. When people see your windows are dirty, it does not send a positive message about your business. In fact, some customers might even hesitate to walk through the door of your establishment if your windows are too dirty. Restoring their shine could be exactly what you need to change their minds and get their business.
  • Enhance curb appeal. Are you putting your property up for sale? The curb appeal of your house will benefit from sparkling windows. Prospective buyers will also be more happy with the interior of your abode when your windows are spotless. They will be able to imagine the possibilities of inhabiting such a home.
  • Make windows easy to wash in the future. If you do not wash your windows regularly, dirt and grime will cake up, oxidizing and becoming harder to remove. So, window washing will be easier going forward if you order service more frequently.
  • Reduce the need for repair work. Window washing and gutter cleaning are both forms of maintenance that can protect your window glass. In fact, working with window cleaning Vancouver companies may ultimately help you to keep your windows in more pristine condition. That means less repair work over the long run. Less maintenance on your windows means more time and funds available for maintaining other aspects of your house.
  • Protect your health. Leaving windows un-washed can be a great way to invite mold into your house or workplace. A buildup of mold can cause health issues that range from mild to severe. But a quality job pressure washing exterior glass or hand-cleaning interior glass can get rid of existing mold and help prevent new mold from getting a foothold in your property.

Why Work With a Professional Window Cleaning Service?

Now you know why window cleaning is so important. But why work with a professional window cleaning service instead of cleaning your windows yourself?

  •  Save time and effort. It might take you hours to wash all of your windows yourself. In some cases, it could be a multi-day job. We free up your time and reduce your stress by taking care of all that hard work for you.
  • Save money. While you might think that you can reduce costs by washing your own windows, you will have to take time out of work to do it. If you need commercial window washing, that might even mean putting a “Closed” sign on your door. Those inconveniences all add up to money lost. Ultimately, a great job from a professional Vancouver window washing service will help you keep money in your pocket.
  • Enjoy your home life or run your business without interruptions. While your window cleaning service team is at work, you can go about your day. Our techs are not only meticulous about each job, but also keep out of your way.
  • Our company does a thorough job. The attention to detail we bring to every window is second to none, and the results you can look forward to will be exceptional every time. Say goodbye to dirty windows and hello to flawlessly clean and clear glass.
  • We brings commercial-grade cleaning agents and equipment to your job. Whether you need pressure washing or any other window cleaning service, we have the supplies we need to get the job done right.
  • Our licensed and insured crew can handle jobs safely that you cannot. That even includes exterior window cleaning on skyscrapers and other tall structures.

So, is window cleaning worth it? If you want sparkling windows in Vancouver without spending time and effort yourself, absolutely.

What Do Professional Window Cleaners Use to Clean Windows?

Our crew works by hand with commercial-grade squeegees. We also use soft microfiber cloths to scrub away stubborn dirt and grime without damaging the smooth surface of your glass. Because we are doing this kind of detail work by hand, we can assure the utmost quality for every square inch of glass.

At your request, we can also perform pressure washing of your exterior windows. This is a rapid way to get rid of even the most stubborn dirt and mold.

Our powerful cleaning agents lift grime and stains with ease. And since they are eco-friendly, you can rest assured you are doing your part for the planet when you work with our window cleaning service.

How Often Should Commercial Windows be Cleaned?

One question a lot of customers ask is how often cleaning services are necessary in Vancouver, BC. 

You will encounter a wide range of answers to this question, and that is because your mileage can vary significantly depending on the type of commercial company you operate.

Some businesses might be able to get away with using a window cleaning service once every couple months, or even just several times a year. 

But for a customer-facing establishment such as a restaurant or retail store, you might need window cleaning more often.

It only takes a couple of weeks for the buildup of dirt on a shop or restaurant window to become obvious to customers.

So, getting professional window cleaning once every couple of weeks or even a couple times a week may be right for your business.

Ultimately, services may end up paying for themselves if it means more profits for your company.

We Can Make Your Commercial or Residential Windows Sparkle

Our window cleaning Vancouver company can wash interior and exterior windows of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you want windows washed on your home, storefront, office building, skyscraper, or any other type of structure, our professional team will make your windowpanes shine like new.

Why Work With Us?

  • We tailor our service to your needs. Our commercial and home services are built around your individual goals. We consider the unique requirements of your property as well as your schedule before sending out our technicians.
  • With our years of experience, there is no job in Vancouver we cannot handle. Whatever challenges you are facing, chances are good our team has already faced and overcome similar obstacles before. What we have done for other companies and homeowners in Vancouver, we can do for you.
  • We can tackle dangerous jobs safely. Our team is fully licensed and insured, and can even wash high exterior windows.
  • Our technicians are committed to going above and beyond to do a great job. Customer service is every bit as important to us as making your windows free of dust and dirt. You will see the quality of our team reflected not only in the shine of your glass, but also the friendly, knowledgeable assistance you receive when you call us for a quote or interact with our technicians on your property.

We Also Clean Your Gutters

While our main focus is on washing windows, we also provide a gutter cleaning service for business and residential customers in Vancouver, BC.

House gutters are even more prone to dirt buildup than windows.  Indeed, they can catch and trap all manner of debris. Failure to clean the gutters regularly can result in damage to your house along with rot and leaks.

Our cleaning team can remove all the debris from your gutters. We pull out dead leaves, twigs, and anything else that has piled up.

That way, with that extra load gone, your gutters remain in excellent condition, reducing the maintenance and repair work you might need over the long haul.

Our Window Washing Process

How do our commercial and home services work? Step-by-step, here is how we wash away the grim so that your dirty windows become clean so they can sparkle and shine. 

  1. Our Vancouver window cleaning service begins when we send one of our expert technicians to your home or commercial building. During your consultation, we find out about your needs and assess challenges and opportunities in your environment.
  2. Our technician figures out the most efficient and thorough way to clean your windows and gutters. We then provide you with a custom quote.
  3. At a day and time that is convenient to you, we send our cleaning service technicians to wash your windows. You can go about your day as usual. Before you know it, your windows will have that sparkling shine that makes them as good as new. 

 You can work with our trained technicians on a one-time window cleaning job, or you can set up a recurring schedule for weekly, monthly, or annual window cleaning. We also can use a custom schedule (i.e. every two months, or every three months).

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Window Cleaning Vancouver Services

Q: How much should I pay to have my windows cleaned?

Many of the questions we receive most frequently about Vancouver window cleaning regard how much it will cost, or what is a fair price.

Depending on the specifics, anywhere from around $2-$8 per pane is typical.  

How much does it cost to get outside windows cleaned? The pricing we gave above is typical, but window washing upper stories may be more expensive.

How much does it cost to have a skyscraper windows cleaned? Window cleaning service professionals usually charge by the hour for this type of job. The pricing is generally around $40 and $80.

How much does it cost to clean a single window? Well, most companies are not going to want to go out to your location for less than a certain minimum amount of pay. So, they may simply charge for an hour of labor if you only want one window washed.

Q: How much does it cost to have business windows cleaned?

The cost for cleaning business windows is often comparable to that of cleaning residential windows. But for very large or unusually shaped windows, or for windows that are high above the ground, we would need to provide you with a custom quote. Of course, that is also true of window cleaning services for your house.

 Q: What time of year is best for window cleaning?

For home services, most customers like to give us a call in spring. Window cleaning at this time can help you to get rid of dirt and debris from winter so you can start your year out right.

But any time of year can be the right one for window cleaning if you have a serious buildup of grime.

And for businesses, it is usually wise to get window cleaning services performed any time you expect a heavy influx of customers.

For example, if you run a seasonal retail store, you would want to get your windows washed at the beginning of the season.

As another example, perhaps you are holding a big sale soon, or another event. Window washing services in advance of the big day can help make it a success.

Q: How much does it cost to clean gutters in BC?

It costs anywhere from around $150 to $350 to clean gutters for most homes in British Columbia. But for larger homes, or those with more stories, you could pay a higher price.

Q: What time of year is best for gutter cleaning?

Just as springtime is ideal for window cleaning home services, it is also an excellent time to clean out your gutters.

The harsh winter weather should be behind you, but it probably deposited plenty of debris . So, it would be wise to clear that debris out while you are also seeing to other spring cleaning and upkeep jobs around the home. 

Many people also like to have gutter cleaning services performed in the fall as well. You might want to wait until after most of the leaves have fallen from the trees. That way, you can have them removed from your gutters, ensuring that they will not be weighted down by so much debris through the winter.

Q: Will my walls or floor get dirty when you are cleaning my windows?

A: No. We are careful when performing our services inside your house to protect the walls and floor as we work.

Q: Why should I work with a company that specializes in window cleaning?

A: A basic cleaning service company that does not have extensive experience in windows can actually reduce the shine of your windows in the long run.

How so? They may turn to harsh solvents that degrade your glass. They also may produce static cling–a common issue when relying on Windex.

Our company uses cleaning products that are both mild and effective. That way, we protect every windowpane on your property from unnecessary damage. We also get rid of dust without leaving behind static that would simply attract more.

Q: What about my window screens?

A: Just as it is important to clean your windows regularly, so it is with your screens as well. We can make this part of our personalized service plan for your house or commercial structure.

Get a Custom Quote for Your Vancouver Window Washing Job Today

Are you ready to get professional window cleaning by hand, pressure washing, or gutter cleaning services in Vancouver, BC? Then it is time to get in contact with the pros.

Whether you are looking for commercial or home services, our licensed and insured crew is ready to tackle any exterior or interior job.

With your windows spotless and sparkling and your gutters free of debris, you can make a great impression, enjoy unobstructed views and natural light, and reduce maintenance and repair work in the future.