What to Know About Warehouse Cleaning and Maintenance?

It can be a challenge to keep a warehouse clean and well maintained, as any warehouse supervisor knows. So many factors are acting against you each day. An environment that is not perfectly-climate controlled may invite mold. Workers coming and going may track in dirt, mud and moisture. Dust and debris may accumulate in neglected aisles.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep your warehouse as clean and sanitary as possible. In this post, we are going to go over checklists for deep cleaning and everyday cleaning for warehouses. We also will go over some recommended supplies. But first, let’s explain why warehouse cleanliness is so vital.

A Clean Warehouse is a Safe, Healthy and Productive Work Environment

Here are a few reasons you need to regularly clean your warehouse thoroughly:

  • Health and safety inspections. If a health and safety inspector came to your premises today, would you pass or fail the check? If you are behind on warehouse maintenance and cleaning, you could risk failing and incurring penalties. Keeping up with warehouse cleaning will help you to pass inspections and operate your business smoothly.
  • Workplace safety. Unclean workplaces are often unsafe workplaces. If spills and debris are left un-cleaned, they could lead to accidents and workers’ compensation claims.
  • Workplace hygiene. Regular cleaning gives you the opportunity to sanitize surfaces. In doing so, you can remove some of the bacteria and viruses that may cause illnesses. This has always been important, but is more critical than ever in our COVID era.
  • Happier workers. Employees like to feel they are valued and respected. When they have a clean and safe work environment, they feel appreciated by the company.
  • Higher focus and productivity. The boost to morale can help your staff focus on the job in the warehouse each day. Plus, when they do not have to worry about safety or health hazards, they also have an easier time concentrating on the work at hand. That means that productivity can increase with regular cleaning and maintenance in your warehouse.

Warehouse Cleaning Checklist: Everyday Cleaning

  • Have your employees clean up their workstations after they end their shifts. That way when their replacements arrive, they can get to work immediately at a clean workspace.
  • If there is a spill of any kind, mop it up right away.
  • Trash and debris should not be allowed to accumulate anywhere in the warehouse. Immediately throw rubbish away.
  • Put mats by the doors so employees coming in from outdoors can get dirt and mud off their shoes before entering the warehouse.
  • Clean and sanitize regularly-used surfaces at workstations and in bathrooms and break rooms.
  • Disinfect controls for mechanical equipment.
  • Wipe down light switches, staircase railings, elevator buttons, and so forth. Dust fans and light fixtures. If bulbs burn out, replace them without delay.
  • At the end of each day, empty the trash and recycling bins.
  • Make sure paper towel, soap and toilet paper are all stocked in the bathroom.
  • Polish metal and glass throughout the warehouse (i.e. windows, hardware etc.).

Warehouse Cleaning Checklist: Deep Cleaning

  • Wash your mats at your entryways or replace them if they are in poor shape.
  • Make sure weather-stripping is intact around your windows and doors.
  • Use a power washer on your floors, landings, loading docks, and other surfaces.
  • Scrub away mold and check for new leaks. Patch them up when you find them.
  • Make repairs to upholstery on furnishings that are in your warehouse (i.e. in the break room).
  • Take everything out of the break room cabinets, wipe down the interiors, and put everything back.
  • Empty the fridge and freezer, wipe them down, and put everything back.
  • Clean your warehouse shelves.
  • Make sure your fire alarm and sprinklers are functioning.

What Warehouse Cleaning Supplies Do You Need?

The exact supplies you need to clean your warehouse may depend on some of the specifics your job entails (every environment has some unique considerations). But in general, here is what most warehouse professionals need for ongoing cleaning:

  • Basic cleaning supplies. For starters, you will need the basics such as cleaning rags, paper towels, brushes, brooms, dustpans, and everyday cleaners and sanitizers. Ideally, there should be a set of basic equipment close to where you have your workstations set up. The less employees are forced to go out of their way, the more likely they are to comply with daily cleaning protocols.
  • Floor cleaning supplies. Next, there are a variety of cleaning supplies that can help you wash your substantial floors in your warehouse. These include commercial-grade vacuum cleaners, automatic floor scrubbers, commercial-grade sweepers, and more.
  • Power washers. In areas where you do not have to worry about getting soap and water all over everything (i.e. away from stocked inventory), you may save a lot of time with a power washer. Of course, you will need adequate drainage. So, this can be an appropriate option in your loading bays.
  • Cleaning carts. You will need heavy-duty cleaning carts to move your supplies from one part of the warehouse to the next. After all, you have a lot of space to cover, so you cannot keep running back and forth for supplies. Make sure your cleaning carts are ergonomic to reduce fatigue.
  • Sorbents. If you are cleaning up oils, you will need to be able to soak them up quickly. Sorbents can be used for this purpose.
  • Suitable chemicals. Choose industrial-grade cleaning chemicals that are suitable for the materials you are cleaning.
  • Protection. Your employees may need protection when working with certain chemicals. Be sure they have masks, goggles and gloves to prevent exposure.

Why Work With Professional Warehouse Cleaning Services?

You have a pretty good idea now what warehouse cleaning and maintenance entails. While you can try to do it yourself, keeping up with the job is much easier with professional cleaning services on your side. Here are a few of the benefits of working with professional warehouse cleaners:

  • A thorough, professional job. A warehouse cleaning service can make sure every inch of your warehouse is clean, even hard-to-reach places that your in-house team may struggle to get.
  • Industrial-grade supplies. As discussed above, there are a lot of industrial-grade chemicals and equipment you need to clean a warehouse. When you bring in professional cleaners, you do not need to worry about spending time and money purchasing the best products yourself. You also do not need to worry about which chemicals are safe to mix together and which are not. A trained, experienced team will be able to work safely in your warehouse.
  • Catch small issues before they turn into big ones. An in-house team can easily miss problems such as minor leaks that gradually grow into large ones that compromise your warehouse. This is particularly likely to be the case if your warehouse team is focused on other projects. A professional crew, on the other hand, can spot these problems right away and give them their full attention. In the long run, regular maintenance and fast repairs can save you a ton of money.
  • Better safety and compliance. Professional warehouse cleaners know local regulations inside and out, and can catch compliance problems before an inspector does. They also know how to maximize safety both for your warehouse team and for the cleaning crew themselves.
  • More attention to detail. A professional, detail-oriented crew will get into the nooks and crannies that your own team might miss.
  • Let your employees do what they do best. Finally, your warehouse workers have plenty of other responsibilities to occupy their time. They are likely more proficient with duties such as taking inventory and shipping and receiving packages than they are with cleaning. By bringing in a professional warehouse cleaning service, you free up your employees to do their best work.

Get Your Warehouse Cleaned Now

There is no getting around it—cleaning your warehouse can be a massive undertaking, especially if it is time for some serious deep-cleaning.

But a clean warehouse is essential if you want to keep morale and productivity high in your workplace.

Warehouse maintenance and cleaning are also vital in order to pass health inspections and prevent slips, falls, illnesses, and other employee health hazards.

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