How do I Choose a Commercial Cleaning Business

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When looking for commercial cleaning services in Vancouver, BC, it is important to know that not all janitorial services are equal.

If you are contracting out for office cleaning services or other janitorial work, you are in need of professional expertise and meticulous attention to detail.

As you will be allowing the cleaning company access to your facilities, you are also extending significant trust to the business you will be working with.

For those reasons, it is worth doing some extra research to make sure you are choosing one of the top companies operating in the Lower Mainland. Following are some recommendations to help you find the best commercial cleaning services Vancouver has to offer.

1. First, assess your cleaning needs.

Before you can find the right cleaners for your business, you will need to figure out what types of services you require.

For example, you might need the following cleaning services for your Vancouver office:

  • Wiping down of frequently used surfaces
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Trash disposal
  • Sweeping and wiping of tile floors
  • Cleaning of office technology
  • Sanitizing
  • Specialized COVID-19 disinfection services

You might also be looking for some related services, such as:

  • Landscape maintenance
  • Basic repair work (i.e. electrical or plumbing)
  • Supply replenishment

Not every commercial cleaning company in the area offers all of these services. So, you will need to check what janitorial services are offered by the company you are thinking about working with.

An additional consideration is the frequency of services. How often do you want office cleaning performed? What times of day are best for you? Find out whether the business in question can come by on a schedule that fits your cleaning needs.

2. Check up on a company’s background and overall experience.

The next important step in evaluating prospective cleaning services in Vancouver is to research the company’s background. Is the business locally owned? How long have they been established in the Vancouver area? Look up their business license information to make sure that they are registered and operating legally.

Once you are satisfied that the service is trustworthy overall, you can proceed to a deeper investigation into the business’s quality and fit for your offices.

3. Find out about training and certifications.

Next, check whether the commercial cleaning services you are interested in have professional certifications.

This is also a good time to check what standards and guidelines they conform to.

Ask some questions about the staff that will be performing the janitorial services as well. Are they employees or contractors? What training do they undergo? What background checks does the company conduct prior to hiring them?

4. Check up on insurance.

To protect yourself while hiring janitorial services, you should work only with a bonded and insured business. Look for:

  • A janitorial bond: If one of the employees of the company steals from you while performing the cleaning service, this bond covers the losses.
  • General liability insurance: This type of insurance can cover costs if your property is damaged or if you or one of your employees are injured.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance: This type of coverage protects employees of the cleaning company should they get injured on the job (if there is no workers’ comp, the customer can hypothetically end up being liable in some scenarios).

5. Ask what procedures the company follows to ensure safety.

While insurance can go a long way toward protecting both the cleaning company’s employees and the customer’s employees, it is best to prevent problems in the first place every time.

This is why it is important to make sure the commercial cleaning services provider you are thinking of using in Vancouver, BC has thorough protocols in place to prevent accidents, injuries, property damage, and other mishaps.

As an example, professional Vancouver janitorial staff should carry Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) while on the job. They can consult these sheets to make sure they are following correct safety guidelines when handling potentially hazardous chemicals.

6. What general processes and checklists can you expect the company to use when cleaning your space?

A customer should consider describing the overall scope of a job to a Vancouver commercial cleaning service, and then asking how the company plans to handle the job. The right Vancouver commercial cleaning business should be able to offer a comprehensive cleaning plan.

Another way you can get an idea what you can expect from an office cleaning service is to request a copy of the checklists the commercial cleaning company uses. Skim through it to see if all the cleaning services you want are included. If there are cleaning services you require but do not see on the checklists, you can ask whether those additional services are something the business can offer.

7. Does the business provide eco-friendly cleaning services?

It is more important than ever for all businesses to do their part to protect the environment. So, you will want to look for an eco-friendly Vancouver commercial cleaning service that follows green cleaning practices.

Check if the cleaning products the company uses are approved by the EPA. See if they use recycled and recyclable materials when possible. Also check into how they dispose of waste. If the team will be working outdoors, find out what they will do to protect your company’s green spaces (i.e. landscaping or surrounding foliage).

8. Go with a commercial cleaning business that can handle any special requirements for your industry.

Depending on the industry you are in, you might need cleaning services in Vancouver that are specialized to meet your needs.

Say, for example, that you are in the medical industry. Your facilities must meet certain high standards for disinfection that would not be necessary in regular offices.

Vancouver, BC cleaning services that use hospital-grade cleaning products will be able to offer the disinfection you need to protect clinic staff and patients.

For other types of facilities in other industries, there may be different specialized commercial cleaning requirements.

9. Ask for references.

Since you will be placing so much trust in the Vancouver area cleaning services you will be employing, you should ask for references.

It is true that reading reviews online is a good first step to determine the quality of a company. But you need to go a step further to find out what real clients have to say.

Do not just ask for the references, and then hire the company–follow up and contact the clients. When you call, ask if they highly recommend the business, and see what thorough details they can share with you. Be sure to not only inquire about areas of satisfaction, but also any complaints they might have about the Vancouver cleaning services.

10. Evaluate customer support.

It is easy to focus exclusively on the quality of cleaning products and the attention to detail that cleaners show when performing services. But the quality of customer service is another key factor in determining whether a company offering professional cleaning services is worth employing.

The best way to preview customer service is to contact the team yourself. Ask them detailed questions about the services they provide in Vancouver. Get as specific as you can.

It should be easy to tell whether the team is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly. Talking with a representative over the phone or in person is also another good way to assess whether the business seems trustworthy.

Get the Commercial Cleaning Services in Vancouver You Need Now

It can take some time and effort to investigate different cleaning services in Vancouver. But with the considerations above to guide you, you should be able to identify the professional team that will be a fit for your commercial locations.

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