8 Reasons Post-Construction Cleaning is Not Like Daily Cleaning

Have a post-construction cleanup job to tackle? Whether residential or commercial, these types of cleaning jobs are not like daily cleaning. In fact, a janitorial service that excels at post-construction cleaning can easily handle daily cleaning jobs—but a company that only does daily cleaning probably is not ready to take on post-construction cleaning. Cleaning up after construction involves a unique set of challenges with respect to scope and timing. Let’s take a look at a few key reasons why this kind of work calls for more specialized expertise than your regular janitor can offer.

1. We have one chance to do it right. Going into a post-construction job, one of our top considerations is that this is our sole opportunity to get the job done right. Whether our clients will be moving into their new residence, opening a new business, or setting up new offices, that is a momentous occasion that will only happen once. It is up to us to make sure the building is sparkling clean and ready for to fulfil its new purpose. That way, when you first set foot in your new home or business, it will be everything you hoped for.

2. Your schedule is our schedule. A family cannot delay moving into a new home, and a business cannot delay opening. Our clients are all on tight timetables with little or no margin for error. That means that no matter what the job entails and what situations arise, we must meet our client’s deadline. With daily cleaning, if something unexpected comes up, a company can just come back and deal with it tomorrow. But that luxury does not exist with post-construction cleaning. That means our team needs to get creative and come up with solutions on the spot. But this is exactly where our professional cleaners excel.

3. We need to clean every surface. Daily cleaning involves a much smaller checklist than post-construction cleaning. Cleaning up after construction needs to be a complete job. There is not a single surface that goes untouched. That means we get into every corner, every nook, and every crevice. We clean inside of cabinets and vents. We thoroughly scrub trim and molding, and wipe down light fixtures and fans. We bring the specialized equipment we need to do the most comprehensive work possible.

4. We have to remove debris, stickers, sealants, stains, etc. Daily cleaning may involve cleaning up after employees, but there is a big difference between mopping up a little sugar in the break room and cleaning up what construction workers leave behind at a site. It is our job to peel stickers off of new appliances, clear out dust and debris, remove small, hazardous objects like screws or nails, and scour away glue, sealants, stains and spills. Stains, glues, and sealants all have had time to sit by the time we get to them, so they can be extra tough to scrub out. Our goal is to do such a thorough job that you never even knew those stains existed when you move into your new building.

5. We may have to clean up toxins. While we are clearing away all that construction workers leave behind, our workers may have to clean up toxic chemicals that janitors engaging in daily cleaning would never encounter. That is why our staff all carry Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS). These sheets provide specific safety guidelines for a wide range of hazardous substances. That way, our workers stay safe, and also leave behind a safe environment for you to move into.

6. We have to disinfect everything. Disinfecting is a regular part of daily cleaning, but with post-construction cleaning, it is necessary to take it to a whole new level. The reason is that we need to disinfect all the surfaces, no matter how difficult they are to reach. Methods like steam vapour disinfection and anti microbial fogging disinfection help us to ensure that no corner of your building is harbouring mold, viruses, or bacteria.

7. We sometimes need to return to do follow-up work on a tight schedule. In theory, post-construction cleaning should take place after all work at a site is complete. But that does not mean that it always works out that way.Sometimes, construction workers might return to a site to take care of something they forgot or to squeeze in an extra task after post-construction cleaning has taken place. When that happens, the post-construction cleaning crew must also return after they have gone to clear up any new messes. These last-minute cleaning jobs need to be as fast as they are thorough. Sometimes, we need to be ready to show up on-call, not just on a predetermined schedule.

8. Any unwelcome surprises are ours to deal with. The client may not yet be occupying the building, but that does not mean that nobody else is. Sometimes when handling post-construction cleanup, workers might stumble on termites or spiders, or hear mice scampering through the walls. When we encounter issues like these, we either take care of them ourselves, or coordinate with you to find another solution (i.e. bringing in pest control, if the issue necessitates it). Either way, we make sure that there are no uninvited guests making a home in your structure when you move in.

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