10 Benefits of commercial janitorial cleaning

From sole proprietorship to large corporate enterprises, all businesses know how important it is to maintain a clean, hygienic workplace. But did you know that professional commercial cleaning offers many benefits that go beyond what office staff can achieve on their own? Following are some top advantages of working with a commercial cleaning company.

1. Set and forget.

One great benefit of commercial cleaning for your team is that your staff are free to focus entirely on their day-to-day duties. Professional janitorial services make it effortless to maintain a clean work environment.

In fact, at times, you may forget that the office does not simply clean itself. That ease can remove a lot of stress from your shoulders.

2. Save money, time and space.

Even though you need to pay janitors for their work, in the long run, professional cleaning services will actually save you money. If you did not hire out to cleaning pros, you would need to pay members of your own staff to do the work.

Those employees are not as efficient at office cleaning as full-time janitorial pros, however, which means that they are also not as cost-effective. It takes them longer to get the same job done.

Professional office cleaning services also bring their own commercial-grade supplies, which prevents you from having to purchase or store supplies yourself.

3. Prevent damage to valuable assets.

Did you know that if you do not regularly clean your technology, it can shorten its lifespan? Long before a computer dies, however, neglecting its care can lead to other problems. Dusty computers run hot, requiring fans to work overtime. They also are slower, which can even the simplest of tasks take longer than necessary.

A janitorial team can wipe down computers, monitors, and peripherals daily to prevent a buildup of dust.

If you rely on your employees to clean their own technology, there is also always the risk that they will damage it. Professional cleaners know how to protect technology as they work. 

4. Cut down on workers’ comp claims.

Every year, there are millions of injuries and illnesses that happen in workplaces. Oftentimes, workers seek compensation to cover the costs of those injuries and sicknesses. That can add up to be quite expensive for a company of any size.

Commercial cleaning services help to reduce workers’ compensation claims. When employees are not the ones taking care of office cleaning tasks, they are less likely to hurt themselves during the workday (i.e. by bending at an unusual angle to reach a dusty surface). Make sure you work with a company that is bonded and insured.

5. Keep your employees healthy and happy.

By performing regular deep cleaning, janitorial services are able to ensure that surfaces in your work environment are free of bacteria, viruses and mold. As a result, your employees will be healthier. This will help to keep up their morale, and also means they will not spend as many sick days out of the office.

6. Impress customers and associates.

When you step into a place of business and see a thick coating of dust on top of a desk, filing cabinet, or shelf, what is your first thought? It probably is not too flattering.

The cleanliness of your workplace is a big part of the first impression you make on all who visit your premises. Dirt, dust and mold send a negative message, telling customers and associates that you do not care about your business (or theirs). But a sparkling clean office communicates an ongoing message of care, consistency, trust and responsibility.  

7. Watch sales climb.

Whatever business you are in, you are more likely to close a deal or make a sale if prospective customers receive the positive message we just discussed. By working with commercial cleaning services, you may find that the return on your investment goes far beyond simply having a clean office.  

In fact, if making the right impression substantially boosts your revenue, you might find that working with a commercial cleaning company in your office or retail environment pays for itself. If the turnaround in your workplace’s appearance is dramatic, it might even do so sooner than you think.

8. Get the most comprehensive job done.

As we mentioned previously, regular office staff who do not specialize in janitorial work are not as efficient or cost-effective as dedicated commercial office cleaning workers who do the job full-time.

But one thing we did not yet discuss is the fact that they also are not as thorough. Your employees probably do not have nearly as much experience as the janitors employed by a commercial cleaning service. That means that they may not get into all the nooks and crannies that a professional janitorial team would.

Sometimes, this may be because they overlook what needs cleaning. Other times, it might be because they lack the special equipment or techniques they need to get hard-to-reach places.

In still other situations, the issue holding back your staff from being more thorough could be time. Say, for instance, that you have assigned your front desk receptionist to cleaning duties. That person is balancing a lot of other responsibilities. Cleaning might have a lower priority level than answering the phones or handling administrative tasks. So, it is likely they will cut corners with cleaning at times so they can get back to their other duties. 

That will never be the case with a professional commercial cleaning service. The janitorial workers you contract with will be dedicated 100% to the job of making your workplace as pristine as possible. 

9. Your workplace will be a delightful space in which to be.

Briefly, we mentioned before that your workers will be happier if they have a healthier space in which to work. It is worth circling back to this to discuss a bit more about the value of boosting morale in your office or retail store.

Workers who are dealing with dust, mold, and germs every day are not having an enjoyable experience. They may feel that their employer does not care about their well-being. As a result, they may not care as much about their work, and may have no loyalty to their employer.

You can retain workers for longer with the help of a commercial cleaning service. Your employees may also review working for your company more favorably, which could attract more talent.

Staff at all levels will enjoy higher quality of life in a clean workplace–that includes managerial worker as well. So, not only will your employees appreciate how clean the space is, but you will probably be happier as well. 

10. Happy, healthy workers are productive workers.

Being able to retain talented workers for longer is one benefit of increasing morale. Another is that they may be more productive while they are with your company.

Think how hard it can be to focus on tasks when there are distractions in your workplace. A dirty workplace can certainly be distracting. Workers who are scrambling between tasks to dust surfaces are not going to get as much done. Plus, some may just have a hard time concentrating, because the mess around them is constantly pulling at their attention. So, they work more slowly, and make more mistakes.

That is more the case in our pandemic times than ever before. When workers see unclean surfaces, they have genuine concerns about their safety.

This may even make them hesitant in some cases to perform their tasks at all. They are too busy avoiding contact with surfaces that look neglected to actually do their jobs.

Getting on a regular schedule with a commercial office cleaning company can put an end to such distractions, leading to a notable boost in employee productivity. That is yet another way in which professional cleaning can increase your bottom line.

Experience the Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

The benefits of a clean office cannot be overstated. Quality cleaning of your workspace can enhance productivity, revenue and morale while decreasing sick days and damage.

Having your own employees take care of cleaning may seem like a route to save money, but it is actually a slow, inefficient option that will not produce the thorough, hygienic results you need to impress visitors and staff.

Working with commercial cleaning services is the key to getting the job done right every time, saving you time, effort, and ultimately, money.

Let your staff focus on what they do best, and hire our experienced janitors to take care of all of your office cleaning needs. To schedule your consult, please call us today at (number). We look forward to working with you.